by PeÅ Holmquist and Suzanne Khardalian
90 min, 58 min 2008.
Young Ayed is an open and charismatic Palestinian psychologist in Gaza, who
tries to help his patients to a better life. Every day, he goes on home visits in
Jabaliya refugee camp. For two years we have been following Ayed and listen to
his patients: children, young women with suicide thoughts, former Hamas
militants. Outside, there is chaos, war and turmoil.
A tragic and comic film from the “secret rooms” of Gaza.
Filmed during two years 2006-2008, when Gaza was isolated from the world.

Showed at the following festivals:
Middle East Int. Film Festival, Abu Dhabi, IDFA Amsterdam, New York Jewish
Film Festival, Lincoln Center, Norwegian Documentary Film Festival, Volda
Melbourne Int. Film Festival, Kos Int. Health Film Festival
Millenium Documentary Film Festival, Brysse, Int. Documentary Film Festival
Flahertiana, Perm, DocsBarcelona,
The Audience price at Kos International Health Film Festival
Shown at following TV-stations : Swedish TV, Danish TV, Finnish TV,
Norwegian TV, Polish TV, German TV, Al Jazeera English.

Credits - eng – Young Freud in Gaza